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Breaking The Wall

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Breaking the Wall 2012

Breaking the Wall was the centre piece of the 2012 UCAN Perform Festival and the performance is now available to watch online (please see above). The performance was the culmination of an extraordinary Cultural Olympiad journey when UCAN Productions Junior Chairman, Lloyd Coleman, was asked to write a large-scale orchestral work in celebration of the […]

A gift for UCAN Productions in memory of Haf Morris

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Haf Morris

Dr Iwan Machreth Morris and his daughter Rhian Morris lost someone very close to them on Christmas morning.  Haf Morris was Iwan’s sister and Rhian’s aunt.  They got in touch with UCAN Productions just after Christmas to tell us they wished to donate all the collection money at the funeral to UCAN Productions because of […]


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The UCAN Lead Team

Long term members of UCAN Productions have been learning to become Workshop Leaders and Tutors themselves.  It is UCAN’s ethos to provide physical and vocal confidence to their members with visual impairments and wherever possible to provide them with the necessary skills to gain employment as they get older.  For visually impaired UCAN members over […]

Eleanor, joined aged 8

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“The main thing I have gained from UCAN is confidence – to accept my visual impairment and not feel like I have to hide it or worry about it because I’ve done so much despite my visual impairment.”

Megan J, joined aged 12

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“I’ve had the experience of acting and recording through UCAN but it’s opened up so many more options.  With the experience you have in UCAN you’re able to do anything you want to do.  You don’t need to do UCAN just to do drama; you could come to UCAN and become a lawyer.  Just because […]

Jake, joined aged 12

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“It’s nice to be around other visually impaired people, because I find it’s nice to be around people who you have a connection like that with because you can just laugh about it – you don’t feel different.”

Mared, joined aged 10

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“What amazes me is the amount of time we actually spend talking about our visual impairment to each other.  It’s hardly ever mentioned – not because we don’t like to talk about it just because we don’t find it necessary to talk about it and we get on with each other as friends despite anything […]

Annie, parent of UCAN member

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“As the parent of a VI child I can tell you that there is very very little available which not only provides opportunities but also inclusion, and that is why we feel so grateful for UCAN and the outstanding hard work they have put into giving our children opportunities and experiences which are otherwise unavailable […]

Lucy, parent of UCAN member

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“That first session saw Sophie being welcomed by a beautiful group of young people, quite different from how I thought UCAN would be, I am afraid that even with a child with VI I had my preconceptions. Sophie was fascinated by the activities and for the first time I saw that her Visual Impairment wouldn’t […]